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  • 大阪日本語学校 J国際学院 【学院紹介】

J International School

Exterior of Japanese International School

1-1-3 Itachibori, Nishi-ku, Osaka city
in 2004
560 students
Countries & Regions
China (Hong Kong), South Korea, Taiwan, Vietnam, France, America, Indonesia, Philippines, United Kingdom, Sweden, Thailand, etc.
Long-Term Course
January, April, July, October
Short-Term Course
January, April, July, October
Our school is a certified and maintaining member school of the Japanese Language Education Promotion Association.We are the school approved by Association for the Promotion of Japanese Language Education.

We think about our students first and always try to develop constantly.

Educational goals

You will be able to use Japanese.~accurately, fluently and correctly ~

  • Three were many students who said "I can't use Japanese even I have already passed the JLPT". And also, there are many colleges or companies which focus on student’s communication skills. Therefore, we have been developing school curriculums and we aim for students to be able to “utilize” Japanese.

Flipped classroom

  • Students use online materials in advance to learn grammar and vocabulary. In the class, we focus on practicing listening, speaking, reading and writing with using grammar and vocabulary they have already learned beforehand.
  • Online teaching materials are collectively managed by the learning management system "Moodle" that is often used in universities in Japan. Moodle can be accessed not only from a computer but also from a smartphone or tablet.
  • In conventional classes, you could only listen to one-time explanations. However, we introduced video lessons, so you can watch the video as many times as you like until you understand it.
  • We also offer practice questions for repetitive practices to learn grammar and vocabulary, which are also effective for JLPT preparation.

Original materials

  • We continue to create original teaching materials for students at all levels in order to meet the needs of students. This is because original materials are more helpful for students than textbook that are sold at the bookstore.
  • In the original conversation activity, you can learn Japanese step by step from "daily conversation" ⇒ "detailed explanation" ⇒ "persuasive opinion".

Class suitable for achieving student goals.

  • Special University Preparation Class (Aim at entering departments in public university or famous private university, graduate school)
  • Master class (Aim at Natural Japanese Language Acquisition)
  • Business Class (Aim at starting career in Japan)

Student questionnaire

  • Once every three months, we conduct a questionnaire about classes for students. Based on the results, we have reviewed the educational contents and continue to develop.

Support your life in Japan.

  • Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese, and English interpreters working at our school will support your life in Japan.Group companies have a dispatching agency「ATEC Asia Talented personnel Exchange Corporation」, the medical institution「Renge Clinic」, and have a tie-up with a real estate company「Arcadia administration」「Be Good Japan」 to support health, part-time jobs, and housing. There are many support systems, so you can live in Japan comfortably.

School Facilities

Academy exterior introduction video now available!

EntranceThis is a bright and spacious entrance. Please use elevator on the left to go to reception on 2nd floor.
ReceptionThe administration office is located in 2nd floor and teachers and school staff are ready to help students when they have questions.
Main Hall
Main HallThis hall is used for entrance ceremony, graduation ceremony, seminars, events etc.
LobbyThere is a vending machine and free wifi in this area and is used for student's relaxation and refreshment.
Bicycle Parking Area
Bicycle Parking AreaThere is a indoor bicycle parking space for students on 1st floor.

Access Map

To [J International School] 2 mins walk from Subway Yotsubashi line Hommachi station Exit 21

〒550-0012 1-1-3 Itachibori, Nishi-ku, Osaka city

TEL:06-6532-7480 FAX:06-6532-7430

Access map

J International school is conveniently accessible! Free consultation at affiliated hospitals! You can make friends from many countries! Student dormitory available!

Message from the principal


Kokusai-Tsushinsha Holdings

Kokusai-Tsushinsha Holdings covers a wide range of fields such as publishing, education, recruitment consultancy, IT equipment development, sales, management consulting, medical care, nursing care, welfare, and funeral services. Through these mutual cooperation, we will continue to provide services to a wide range of users and various fields.

Exterior photos of Kokusai Tsushinsha Holdings companies

Exterior photos of Kokusai Tsushinsha Holdings companies

Introduction of Supporters

Motoyuki Odachi : Former member of House of Councillor, J International School advisor

Motoyuki Odachi : Former member of House of Councillor, J International School advisor

He holds the title of tax accountant and certified accountant, and served as a director of the study group on economy, industry, and employment when he was a member of the House of Councillors. He was also a member of the Finance and Finance Committee and the Parliamentary Steering Committee.

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