The class schedule and cautions

Your class will be started in May 25 since Osaka governor cancel the request of school closure.


Here is new schedule:
May 25 The first day of class (April term)


Morning class(S01~B04)




Afternoon class(B05~C03)




July 7 The last day of class
(Vacation from July 8 ~ July 16)

July 17 The first day of class (July term)


1. Long vacation is until May 24. You cannot work long hours any more from may 25. It has to be back to under 28 hours a week.

2. Everybody needs to take a temperature at the entrance of school before your class starts.
If you have morning class, please arrive between 8:30~8:50.
If you have afternoon class, please arrive between 10:20~10:40.

3. Please make sure to wear a facemask during a class and going to and from school. Also hand disinfection is required at 1st floor of school every time when you are in & out of school.

4. There is no self-studying room in this term.


See you on May 25!

[Please feel free to inquire.] Japanese language school located in Osaka, Japan. Japanese Communication International School. Please call at 06-6532-7480. Please contact us by e-mail.
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