The announcement from school

Dear current students,

Because of the extension of state of emergency, we will change the class schedule as follows:

① New class starts from June 1 and finish on July 13.

② Class hours:
・Morning class:3 classes a day
① 9:00-10:30
② 10:50-12:20
③ 13:10-14:40

・Afternoon class:3 classes a day
① 10:50-12:20
② 13:10-14:40
③ 15:00-16:30

・Night class:cancelled

③ Part-time job
・Current students
→You still can work up to 8 hours until new class starts.
・April new students
 →You cannot do any kind of part-time jobs yet

④ Assignments
・ It will be announced later on school homepage and school Facebook.

* There is a possibility that this state of emergency will be lifted earlier than end of May. The government will reassess the situation on May 14.
As the result of their reassessment, if the government allows all schools to re-open, new class will start from May 25 instead.

Please pay attention the information that you will be provided on school app and school Facebook page.

[Please feel free to inquire.] Japanese language school located in Osaka, Japan. Japanese Communication International School. Please call at 06-6532-7480. Please contact us by e-mail.
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