Training for the beginner of nursing staff

[Let's study nursing care in Japan!] Training for the beginner of nursing staff [Students who have already joined J Kokusai Gakuin can attend the talk of 「Training for the beginner of nursing staff」for free. Also, we guarantee that you can get part-time jobs.] Renge Medical Group (NPO)

Increase the possibility of working in Japan in the future!

In the aging society of Japan, the human resource is insufficient in elderly care industry. To solve the problem, Japan government is thinking seriously to improve the application prodecure of specific activities visa among foreigners who work in elderly care industry. In other words, if you could get the qualification related to elderly care, you will get more chances to work in Japan.

The qualification is still effective even though you return to home country!

If you get the qualification related to elderly care in Japan, you can make good use of the knowledge and techniques you have learned when you return to own country. You are able to take care of your parents when they get old. Futhermore, when you are planning to start up your career in elderly care in your home country, you can use your working experience got from Japan.

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