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J Mugen Jyuku

Getting higher score in EJU is very important for advancing to national universities or difficult-to-enter universities! In J Mugen Jyuku, you will learn the trick to get higher score! Let’s do it together!


J Mugen Jyuku offers a lot of advantages!

  • ◆ The elite-university-graduated instructors!
    ※ Such as Osaka University,
    Kyoto University and so on.
  • ◆ You can build up your English skill which a lot of universities are looking for now!!!


Overall subject, Japanese, English, Mathmatics1, Mathmatics2, Physics, Biology, Science


  Lesson Subject
Tue 17:30~19:40 Japanese(Beginner)
Wed Japanese(Advanced)
Thu Overall subject

※ The days of week-day courses may change.

  Lesson Subject
Sat 14:00~16:10 Mathmatics 2 English
16:20~18:30 Mathmatics 1 Physics
18:40~20:50 Biology Science

Entrance fee / Tuition fee

Group lesson (2 hours x 12 times/ one subject) Entrance fee Tuition fee
Current Student 0yen 30,000yen
Students who are not attending our school 10,000yen 60,000yen

* 50% discount for JCOM student! * Additional fee for textbooks are required.
* Please ask us for private lesson.

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