ATEC Lecture on business manner

“Can foreigners use Japanese to communicate?””How deep do they understand Japan culture?””We have impression that foreigners do not care about time management and manner…. “”Is foreigners’ labor manegement difficult?” There are various anxieties when considering to employ foreigners. However, please do not feel worried. ATEC provides training for improvement of Japanese business manner, greetings and abilities of communication. Experts will support steadily after employment!

[Substantial supporting systems peculiar to Kokusai tsushinsya group] [Human resources development][Supporting exchange programme with foreign countries, colleges and high schools][Education&Training of Japanese Lauguage] Thanks to the system supported by related companies of Kokusai tsushinsya group, we find and train technical staffs who satisfy customers. [Substantial system of education and training] ・Education of Japanese ・Business manner training and so on [Securing of stable human resources] ・Promote to vocational school and college ・Find jobs in Japan firms and so on. [We contribute expansion in exchaging of people and technology in Asia.]

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