Life Support・Student Support

  • [Students' Dormitory] We introduce school dormitory
  • [Hospital medical examination for free] You can consult doctor for free in the clinic which has partnership with our school!

  • [Training for the beginner of nursing staff] You can attend the lecture for free! We guarantee that you can get part-time jobs!
  • [Lecture on business manner] You can study education in Japan and attend training for business manner!
  • [J Mugen Jyuku] You can attend J Mugen Jyuku for EJU.
  • Life support・Student support Image photo

J Kokusai Gakuin fully support students all-around.

[Please feel free to inquire.] Japanese language school located in Osaka, Japan. Japanese Communication International School. Please call at 06-6532-7480. Please contact us by e-mail.
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