The interview with the business class graduated student who is working at Japanese company!

The interview with the business clas graduated student who is working at Japanese company! ID-management Corporation×JAPANESE COMMUNICATION INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL

JAPANESE COMMUNICATION INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL is the one of the model school for Nisshinkyo Business Japanese Language Program; approved by Association for the Promotion of Japanese Language Education. We visited ID-management Corporation and interviewed with Johansson Emil, graduated from our business class, and the president Mr. Komatsu.


──I haven’t seen you since the graduation. You look different. You look like a businessman. (laugh)


Johansson Really? Thank you (laugh)


──What kind of work does Johansson do at ID-management Corporation?


Komatsu He is in charge of variety kinds of jobs. As soon as he received the work permission, we went to United States together. We also went to Sweden for business trip last month together as well.


──Sweden? That is your home country, isn’t it?


Komatsu Yes. Our company conduct the business related to security. We were rushed to look for another system since the system of that time was no longer avaiable to use. In that kind of situation, Johansson had found the security system which was developed in Sweden. The purpose of business trip in Sweden was to have business talk with that company.


──I see. Was it successful?


Komatsu Yes. It went very well and we are the first agency to handle their security system in Japan.


──The first agency in Japan? That is wonderful. What do you think the reason why it went well?


Komatsu The company had developed in Europe and started thinking about the business in Japan. In fact, they got Japanese domain for start. However, the project was not go any further since they could not find anybody to translate the homepage in Japanese. So we are the ones to offer translating the homepage in Japanese.


──I see. The key person of this project is Jahansson, isn’t it?


Komatsu Yes, he is one of main person on this project and we expect him to do his best with his Japanese co-workers. By the way, Johansson is the one who designed our catalog.


──Really? He must be very exciting to be the member of the big project and do worthwhile job.


Johansson Yes, I enjoy working here because they let me participate the project aggressively if I am interested enough. I believe I have this rewarding job because I studied a lot in the business class at J Kokusai Gakuin.


──Do you think you use the experience that you studied in business class at J Kokusai Gakuin?


Johansson Definitely. I did not know Japanese business manner. For example, I learned how to exchange the business card, how to choose where I am supposed to seat. In Sweden, we do not have KAMIZA (the seat of honor) and SHIMOZA (lower seat). If I did not take business class at J Kokusai Gakuin, I would be embrassed becuase I did not know this manner.


Komatsu Like Johansson explained to you, there are special Japanese rules and manners in Japan. No matter how fluently you speak Japanese, if you do not understand the rules, it would be hard to work in Japan. Since Johansson studied very well at J Kokusai Gakuin, we do not worry about anything for him. After he start working here, he takes our advices well like when we explained to him how to use 「てにをは」. We can feel the passion from him to study Japanese. He has been working with us for 6 months, but we can tell that his Japanese level is improved better and better.


──We are happy to hear that our graduated student got so much complement. Johansson, please give the message to the students who are studying in business class.


Johansson I think the most important thing is to have the confident. Please be confident what you have studied in business class at J Kokusai Gakuin!


The leaflet that Johansson designed

ID-management Corporation

The company handle the security-related such as electronic keys, entrance and exit management system, security camera, design, construct, maintenance of monitoring camera. Hiring the foreign staff actively and challenging the management improvement. The company is permitted as The Enterprise with Approved Business Innovation in May, 2015.

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