Top university prep. Class

This class is for students who wish to enroll a public university, private university, or graduate school. In this class, students study how to understand the class at university, make a report and Japanese lesson for presentation, communication skill to exchange opinions between professors and classmates. 

Subject Details
Language Knowledge (1)Grammar To make a report and give a presentation in a class at university, not only making good use of what students have learned, but practicing how to distinguish the difference between words that are similar.
(2)Vocabulary To make a report and give a presentation in a class at university, learning how to distinguish the difference between N1&N2 level Kanji that are similar (Ex:改善-改良)
Ability (3)Listening

To understand the class system in university, practicing how to take a note during lecture.
Also practicing to listen the news of social issues and summarize the news.

(4)Reading To understand how to take classes at university in Japan, students practice how to read faster and get the general idea.
(5)Conversation Practice to exchange the opinions about the matter of social issues with classmates and professor. Distinguish the relationship with other parties and use proper speech style (honorific, casual) and learn how to speak without hurting other parties feeling (Ex: how to object the idea with respect) .
(6)Composition In order to make a report and give a presentation in a class at university, student will practice the academic writing. (Ex: written words, the simple expression for presentation slides, how to cite the documents)
Others (7)Exam Prep In order to get higher scores on EJU and JLPT, students learn techniques to know the tendency of questions and solve them efficiently.
(8)Higher Education Institution Prep. Depends on the path the student choose, start preparing the admission for higher education institutes. (Ex: Checking the school guideline, preparing the admission documents) And also learning the common knowledge and manner through the interview or exchanging the information between student and school.


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Higher Education
Institution Prep.
Reading Vocabulary Exam Prep Conversation
Exam Prep Listening Composition Listening Grammar
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