Business Class

This is the class for students aiming to work in Japan. The students learn the necessary skills to collect information, to understand and make the business documents, and to train the Japanese ability to propose and negotiate in the business.
This class also offers the practical lessons such as collecting the job information, job interview prep. etc.
J Kokusai Gakuin is the pilot school of Japanese business program approved by Association for the Promotion of Japanese Language Education. Click here for more details.

Subject Details
Japanese Skill (1)Grammar To be able to make a business document, proposal and negotiation after getting employed, in this class, students  practice to distinguish the expressions properly that they learned so far, and understanding the deep meaning of each expressions.
(2)Vocabulary In order to be able to make the business documents, propose, and negotiate after getting the job in Japan, learning how to distinguish the difference between N1&N2 level Kanji that are similar (Ex:改善-改良)
(3)Journalism Reading In order to be able to collect information and understand the business document,learn the commonly used vocabulary and expression and the background of current topics.
(4)BJT Prep. In order to get a high score on BJT (Business Japanese Proficiency Test) which is well known to measure the proficiency in communicating in the Japanese language required in business settings, practice sample questions and study the tendency of questions and solve the questions efficiency.
Cultural Competency (5)Business Conversation In order to work smoothly after getting the job in Japan, learning the communication skills by role-play the various situations in business settings.
(6)Business Manner In order to work smoothly after getting the job in Japan, learning the business manner that students have to know.
(7)Japanese Affairs・Intercultural Understanding In order to work smoothly after getting the job in Japan, learning the Japanese corporate culture (Ex: the range of work, a way of thinking about vacation)
Fundamental Competencies for Working Persons (8)Job-hunting Prep. Starting job hunting (Ex: self-analyzation, industry research, application form, resume, interview prep.) and learning the Japanese business settings by participating the company seminar, and internship.


Prep for job-hunting
・Career guidance・Practical training
(Prep for interview)
(Field Study etc.
Prep for job-hunting
・Prep for BJT・Practical training
(Presentation of topics from company)
Reading and vocabulary
「Journalism」「Modern theme」Current topics from news and newspaper
Business conversation
Business manner
Business conversation
N1 Grammar review
Honorific expression on each situation
Society and cultural affair
General knowledge
Intercultural Understanding
Current news
Japanese language in news
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