Beginner Class

Study the structure of Japanese language and learn the basic knowledge of language on communication in Japanese.
Subject Details
Language Knowledge (1)Grammar

Students study the structure of Japanese language and basic sentence pattern (Ex.:~しなければならない)
Studying the sentence pattern with using the familiar situation for foreigner who live in Japan and familiar topics.


Studying approximately 200 kanjis with concentrating on basic Kanji rules. Also students study the Japanese structure and basic communication vocabulary (Ex: 優しい、若い人).
To increase Japanese vocabulary, students study with picture card and learn the technique how to understand the vocabulary meaning in sentence.

Ability (3)Listening Practice to listen the familiar topics (Ex: Eating habits) with adjusted rate and try to grab the main point and details.
(4)Reading Practice to read the sentence which is familiar to everybody (Ex: Eating habits) and grab the main point.
(5)Conversation Practice to continue the exchange of questions and answers about the familiar topics (Ex: Eating habits)
(6)Composition Practice to write multiple sentences about the familiar topics (Ex: Eating habits)


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Vocabulary Vocabulary Vocabulary Vocabulary Vocabulary
Grammar Grammar Grammar Grammar Grammar
Reading Conversation/Listening Reading Conversation/Listening Composition
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