Come to J Kokusai Gakuin!

J Kokusai Gakuin is like this! Our school is located in the middle of Japan

[Convenient access! It is great that you can go shopping in fashionable shops nearby our school!][You can consult doctor for free in our cooperated hospital to manage your health!][There are student dormitories so you can live safely!][You can make many friends coming from a lot of countries!]

Speaking of Osaka, there are a lot of entertainment facilities!

  • Osaka Castle photo

    Osaka Castle

  • Dotonbori photo


  • HEPFIVE photo


  • Tsutenkaku photo


  • Universal Stadio Japan(USJ) photo

    Universal Stadio Japan(USJ)

  • Tennoji zoo photo

    Tennoji zoo

  • Osaka Science Museum photo

    Osaka Science Museum

  • Osaka Museum of Natural History photo

    Osaka Museum of Natural History

[Please feel free to inquire.] Japanese language school located in Osaka, Japan. Japanese Communication International School. Please call at 06-6532-7480. Please contact us by e-mail.
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