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J Kokusai Gakuin is located in the almost middle of Osaka and the students from more than 20 different countries study at school for purpose of going to a university or getting an employment.

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We have 4 levels; Beginner level, Intermedicate level, Advanced level and Super Advanced level. In super Advanced level, students can choose a class in order for them to achive their goal in the future, "University prep. Class", "Master Class" and "Business Class".

Beginner Class
Intermediate Class
Advanced Class
University prep. Class
Business Class
Master Class
Night Beginner Class
Night Intermediate Class
Night Advanced Class

The announcement of Online Trial Lesson

2021.4.1 Accepting the application for Online trial lesson
1st online trial lesson is held on April 24 (Sat.). We accept the application until April 19.

Student Support


Renge Clinic,it takes 3 minutes from our school. Students at J Kokusai Gakuin can participate the program to see a doctor for free or pay low medical fee. All of our students can take a medical check up the time when they enter to our school and once a year. We make sure to support your health. *Certain conditions must be met.Click for more details

Healthの紹介:提携クリニック「れんげクリニックの入り口」写真 Healthの紹介:提携クリニック「れんげクリニックの待合いスペース」写真 Healthの紹介:女性看護師が留学生(男性)を診療している写真 Healthの紹介:提携クリニック「れんげクリニックの歯科治療室」写真 Healthの紹介:提携クリニック「れんげクリニックの診療室(ベッドとレントゲン撮影機がある)」写真

Part-time job

The group company"ATEC Co.,Ltd"which runs a temp agency, supports to help international students to have part time job. The ATEC will help students to be ready for how to write a resume, how to take an interview, or teach basic manners. Click for more details

Part-time jobの紹介:笑顔で梱包作業をする留学生(女子) Part-time jobの紹介:飲食店で接客業に従事する留学生たち(女子2人) Part-time jobの紹介:宿泊施設のベッドメイキングを行っている留学生(男子)


Our students can look for an accommodation through the real estate company and share house company which Click for more details

Housingの紹介:物件画像① Housingの紹介:物件画像② Housingの紹介:物件画像③

School activities

We have a various of events through the year at J Kokusai Gakuin.Please check our movie for details.

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